Saturday, September 21st 2019


Have you experienced a meaningful loss in your life? Are you searching for a way to find words to express your grief and navigate the healing process? Please join workshop facilitators Kaye Cleave and Christopher P. DeLorenzo for a day-long writing retreat.

The writing sessions will be facilitated in the Amherst Writers and Artists method (AWA), which focuses on spontaneous writing prompts, voluntary reading, and positive feedback only. This isn't a therapy group, rather, it utilizes the AWA method as a healing art, a way of shaping meaning around our grief. Everyone is free to share his or her writing, or decline to read. We're also free to write about other subjects, but the writing prompts and handouts will address grief and healing in some way.

During the retreat, we'll explore our thoughts and stories generated by loss and surviving those we have loved, we'll address the various ways we can approach the healing process and acknowledge the spectrum of experiences that represent grief and healing.

This retreat has the same format as our Saturday Retreats:  writing in the morning with several short breaks, and after lunch, writing again as well as enjoying a homemade DeLorenzo dessert.

To contact Chris, email or call Laguna Writers at 415-206-9771

To learn more about Kaye, please click on her short film above or email her,