A memoir of love, loss & the healing power of mindfulness

My Beautiful Reckless Girl is a soul-baring memoir that reads like a mystery. How does a mother go on living when her only child dies? The story skilfully interweaves two narratives; the first a mother’s search to understand what lead her daughter Catherine to dabble with heroin while the second begins with Catherine’s birth and documents the following eighteen years of her life. Each chapter opens with an entry from one of Catherine’s journals, bringing her voice alive on the page. We learn she can juggle four clubs, write powerful poems, and she drives the family car like a rev-head. My Beautiful Reckless Girl is ultimately a love story that does not shy away from difficult but relevant themes such as grief and loss, teenagers and drugs, and depression and post-traumatic stress. In the end, the reader is left in awe of the resilience of the human spirit.